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Pellicle Remount.

Pellicle remount

The particle on the Projection Aligner may cause poor patterning and pellicle is considered to be the dustproof film for photomask protection.

If the pellicle on the photomask is damaged, Finex offers a service for damaged pellicle removal and replacement.


Exposure simulation

Customer may need multiple photomasks for the exposure test in order to verify the new manufacturing process. It usually costs a lot and takes a long time. To improve efficiency and reduce the cost, we developed a software to simulate the result after exposure so that we can provide customer the initial pattern design or verify the applicability of the existing pattern.

Finex uses this simulation system to obtain simulation results based on the exposure criteria and photoresist type provided by the customer and also the performance after exposure. In that case, we can put forward a new proposal or make suggestions for the original design.

By using this simulation system, we can accelerate verification, shorten development time, and effectively reduce cost.

Examples that Finex can handle are shown below:


OPC design proposal


Suggestions for HTM transmittance


CD / Residual film improvement design


Patter Analysis of pros and cons of patten design


Correspondence to special need





Waste photomask recycling and regeneration

Finex photomask is made of high-precision, high-cost synthetic quartz glass substrate.

Customers always dispose of used photomasks. Finex has been recycling and regenerating since 2000.

Finex hopes to use years of performance and experience to do our bit for the environment and reduce the cost for customers.



Photomask instruction

As a leader of high-precision, large photomask manufacturer, Finex leads the market demand.

Recently, while the product is used more widely in the market, it becomes larger and finer and we must balance the performance with the cost of the product. We will continue pursue higher quality, reliability, and make all-round consideration for security and environment.

To respond to market demand, Finex offers photomask instruction to our exclusive customers in various ways. Customers can use Finex products in a safer way for a longer time.


[Photomask instruction]

1. Precautions for delivery and transportation

2. Precautions for unboxing

3. Precautions for removing products from the box

4. Precautions for cleaning

5. Precautions for use

6. Precautions for safekeeping

7. Precautions for manufactured product

8. Physical properties table