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It is attached closer to the patient than other products Only one stimulator is required to offer biofeedback and facilitate nerve stimulation at the same time. It outputs proportional electrical stimulation in real time for the myoelectricity generated from voluntary movement. It is designed to strengthen the force assistance (voluntary movement + electrical stimulation) function.

Stimulate nerve and muscle to relieve muscle pain, prevent muscular dystrophy and facilitate muscle growth. Output proportional electrical stimulation in real time based on the strength of the signal released by the muscle when it is treated, and strengthen generation of functional movement.


Taipei Wei Chi Kuang Tzu No. 109050057


Taipei Wei Chi Kuang Tzu No. 109050057

Features of wIlmo.



It detects myoelectricity and outputs electrical stimulation from the same electrode at the same time to make sure that motor learning is correct.


It uses a magnetic separation electrode pad. It uses a magnetic latch to find the best treatment spot without repetitive reattachment.


It is a downsized device that is more compact and can be placed in the sleeves.


It is more fitted. It only weighs 55g. It is like a watch.


Complete all the settings easily, quickly by using three buttons.

Taipei Wei Chi Kuang Tzu No.111070011


Applicable groups.

Suitable group


Clinical case studies

Cerebrovascular disease (stroke)

Nerve and sports injury diseases (spinal cord injury, cervical spine injury)


Main departments for this product

Rehabilitation department

(Physiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist)

field of use.

Field of use


[Rehabilitation department]


[Rehabilitation ward]


[Daycare center]


[Home-based reablement]


medical care]


care facility,
nursing home]

introduce of medical&patient.

Medical section/Patient section


|Medical section

Clinical research

  • Chang Kai, Chung I Hsuan, Chang Che Hao (September 2021)

    Integrates occupational therapy with the self-controlled electrical stimulation to post-stroke upper limb. 2021 Occupational Therapists Union of the Republic of China Panel discussion and Online Seminar |Research room introduction link
  • Natsuki Adachi, Takumi Mabuchi, Masayuki Morimoto, Motonori Kubo, Megumi Yokozeki, Suzuyo Ohashi, Norikazu Hishikawa, Hiroshi Maeda (2020)

    病棟生活で装着型随意運動介助電気刺激装置を使用した回復期脳卒中片麻痺例。The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine ,57(特別号),1-5

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  • 村岡慶裕;随意運動介助型電気刺激装置「IVES」
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  • 村岡慶裕;ニューロリハを切り拓く,神経促通バイオフィードバック装置IVES
    物理療法科学 21, 9-13, 2014
  • 村岡慶裕;着用型随意運動介助型電気刺激装置の開発と今後の展望
  • Hara Y 他;home-based rehabilitation program for the hemiplegic upper extremity by power-assisted functional electrical stimulation.
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  • 伊藤倫之 他:在宅で随意運動介助電気刺激装具WIVESを使用した慢性期脳卒中片麻痺の1例
    第55回日本リハ 1-IP-17-2
  • 井元大介 他:随意運動介助電気刺激装具WIVESを在宅で長期使用した慢性期上肢運動麻痺の1例
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  • 張開、鐘奕萱、張哲豪(2021年9月)。職能治療整合自控電刺激於中風上肢之成效。

WILMO instruction

Exhibition news

  • ATLife Assistive Technology for Life, August 4 to 7, 2022 (Thu. to Sun.) on the first floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Booth: J526|Go to website
  • THE CARES TAIPEI 2022 September 15 to 17, 2022 (Thu. to Sat.) Booth: |Go to website
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Agency contact information


In 2014, we, a group of people with expertise in healthcare and a passion in service, founded Habitz Medtech. “Adaptation” is the core concept and value we advocated. We maintain dignity of life and value. Our most important mission is to fulfill the spirit of holistic healthcare. Habitz Medtech has a professional healthcare team and therapists. They have lots of clinical experience, and from the medical system and home-based care, they see what the patient and his family members really need.

Habitz Medtech highlights people-oriented spirit and develops health and care technologies.

Through promotion of rehabilitation technology, long-term care assistive device and preventive medicine device, we expect that technology integration and innovation can be implemented in healthcare and disease prevention for seniors. |Go to website


|Patient section

Rental plan

Rental plan for medical institutions and patients is provided. Medical institutions and patients can achieve the most appropriate rehabilitation treatment, depending on the hospital and individual needs, and maximize the treatment outcome of WILMO. Medical institutions and patients are welcome to contact us.

“That’s what the expert said”

Dr. Wu Ching I

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Chang Kai, Occupational Therapist

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