Information security policy.

Information security policy

Information security policy.

Information security policy

In view of the importance of information leakage risk, Finex Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Finex) aims to execute the guidelines below, which are based on the protection of all information assets.

1. Information security agreement

The Company will build a robust information security management mechanism, striving for protection of all information assets. It endeavors to establish a reliable customer relationship, social credibility, and maintenance and enhancement of technical competitiveness.

2. Information security management mechanism

The President assigns a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and implements information security management to keep track of information security of the entire Company.

3. Preparation of internal company rules

The Company prepares internal company rules based on the information security policy, and adheres to the guidelines it explicitly specified for use of information assets.

4. Information security education

Information security managers execute education and seminars on information security for employees, and makes sure to continue to raise awareness of information security.

5. Reinforce supervisory mechanism

To check if the information security policy and the internal company rules set up based on the information security policy have been implemented adequately, we will conduct internal audits by complying with the internal audit rules.

6. Abide by laws and regulations, and perform evaluation and improvement again

The Company will abide by the laws and regulations applicable to information security. To adapt to business content and environmental change, the Company aims to continue conducting evaluation and improvement of agreement to protection of information asset.