About Finex


Company introduction

Finex Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Finex) is one the subsidiaries of SK-Electronics (SK-E) in Taiwan. SK-Electronics is a global leading large photomask supplier.

Finex Co., Ltd. is located in Tainan Science Park, one of the major suppliers of large photomask in Taiwan. Since founding in May 2002, manufacturing and sales services of photomask for TFT and CF are provided. Products have been certified and used by global major optoelectronics factories and we have made great achievements.

To help customers enhance competitiveness of global market, Finex continues to develop new technologies with the assistance of SK-E and offers customized photomask design service to customers.

Looking to the future, Finex aims to enhance manufacturing technology. Outstanding quality and quick adaptation are our core competitive advantages. Finex offers an all-round solution for customer needs and high value-added services to become the customer’s best long-term partner.


Company history

2001 SK-Electronics Co., Ltd, was founded
(separated from SHASHIN KAGAKU CO., LTD.)
2002 Finex Co., Ltd. was founded in Tainan Science Park.
2003 January the factory was completed.
March Began first large photomask manufacture.
2004 Set up the Hsinchu Sales Office
Obtained ISO 9001:2000.
2005 Delivered the first G7.5 photomask.
2006 Delivered the first G8 large, high-precision photomask.
2008 Obtained ISO 14001:2004.
2009 SK-Electronics Shiga Plant
Delivered first G10 photomask in the industry.
2010 Obtained ISO 9001:2008.
2013 Set up the Taipei Branch (merged with the Hsinchu Sales Office)
2016 Obtained ISO 9001:2015.
2019 Obtained the MD License from the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Launched WILMO Electrical Nerve Stimulator
2020 Obtained ISO 14001:2015.
2021 Delivered the first PSM photomask.

Corporate governance.

Management team


Kensaku Hirai, Chairman

Finex Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary set up by SK-Electronics in 2002. It is the first company producing and manufacturing large photomasks in Tainan Science Park in Taiwan. One of the Main products is the photomask for flat panel display of LCD panel. Finex provides large photomask with the most cutting-edge technology to all companies in Taiwan.

Finex sophisticatedly integrates local high-performance technology from Japan with the advantage of low cost, high productivity in Taiwan to contribute to the flat display panel industry in Taiwan. 

From now on, in addition to Taiwan, Finex will continue expanding sales and business in China and other regions.


Taichi Okabe, President

Finex Co., Ltd. is a member of SK-Electronics Group. To contribute to the development of flat panel displays, besides offering the latest photomask manufacturing technology and abundant supply capacity, we start from the usage criteria proposal exclusive to and appropriate for the customer. Therefore, we can respond to various technical requirements of customers and offer them the most advanced photomask.

Finex stably responds to the demand and expectation from customers regarding large photomask. You are welcome to contact us.

Business philosophy.

Business philosophy



Develop new technologies

Open a new market



Respond to market need

Head for the top of the industry



Strive for contributing to society

Realize happiness of our employees

Quality Policy.

Quality approach


Utilize resources owned (talent, technology, information). Continue to improve technical and engineering capacity and service level.


Offer a product that satisfies customer quality demand.


Bring the largest contribution to development of the industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Social responsibility

■ Environmental responsibility

1. Basic belief|

Finex is a professional photomask production and manufacturing plant.

Earth’s resources are limited. The Company uses resources from the Earth but expects to minimize the impact on the environment via the environmental management system, which is one of our business goals.The Company executes corporate activities while heading toward this goal.

2. Environmental approach|


To prevent global warming, we aim to save energy and resources and for pollution prevention.


Continue to make improvements and help form the structure of circular society (realize 3R).

※ 3R means Reduce (waste), Reuse and Recycle.


Implement environmental education.


Carry out events for social contribution.


Comply with environmental laws, regulations and agreements.