Finex Co., Ltd. is one of the major suppliers of large photomasks in Taiwan. 

It is a Taiwanese subsidiary of SK-Electronics, a global leading large photomask supplier.


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Finex・Photomask business.

The photomasks produced by Finex are for the high precision industry

Photomasks are produced by forming delicate 2–3µm patterns on the glass board. Customers use our photomasks to produce flat panel displays similar to liquid crystal. Flat panel displays such as liquid crystal and plasma are widely used for TVs, PCs, mobile phones and in-vehicle screens.

SK-Electronics, the parent company of Finex, has been actively developing technologies to meet large-size, high-precision demand since 1980s. In recent years, SK-Electronics has been able to provide 1 m2 large photomask for the 10th generation LCD panel.

The photomasks produced by Finex are primarily for TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) and CF (Color Filter).


・TFT (Thin-Film Transistor)

It is one of the liquid crystals formed by thin-film transistors. It is a transistor on a glass substrate formed by a-Si, LTPS and IGZO. It can be used for LCD panels.


・CF (Color Filter)

In order to display color on the LCD, pigment is added to the resin film, which is one of the ingredients of the liquid crystal component. Patterns in red, green and blue will then formed orderly on a transparent glass substrate.

HEALTHCARE.Finex・Healthcare business

WILMO Electrical Nerve Stimulator

You can output proportional electrical stimulation in real time for the myoelectricity generated from voluntary movement. This stimulates nerve facilitation and improves muscular atrophy.

WILMO is developed based on the invention and guidance of Yoshihiro Muraoka.

Former director, Clinical Research Center of National Hospital Organization Murayama Medical Center, and Professor, Department of Health Welfare Science, School of Human Sciences and Education, Waseda University

Japan Patent No. 5725562: Electrical stimulation device

(Check the thin electrical stimulation circuit of voluntary myoelectricity position) Approved by the Human Science Revitalization Consortium, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan

Technology authorization from TLO Human Science Technological Transfer Center



Anyone can complete all the settings easily and quickly by using three buttons.


・More compact

The weight of the main part has been successfully lightened to 55g by using new technology. It is small enough to hide in the sleeve.


・More fitted

It can be worn continuously in our daily life as a watch.

Taipei Wei Chi Kuang Tzu No. 109050057

ABOUT US.About Finex


Kensaku Hirai, Chairman


Taichi Okabe, President


Finex Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Finex) is one the subsidiaries of SK-Electronics (SK-E) in Taiwan. SK-Electronics is a global leading large photomask supplier.

Finex Co., Ltd. is located in Tainan Science Park, one of the major suppliers of large photomask in Taiwan.

Since founding in May 2002, manufacturing and sales services of photomask for TFT and CF are provided. Products have been certified and used by global major optoelectronics factories and we have made great achievements.

About the parent company

SK-Electronics Co., Ltd. Is a photomask manufacturing company separated from the Electronic Business Department of SHASHIN KAGAKU CO., LTD. In 2001.

To adapt the fast development of flat panel display, SKE stays ahead of our competitors by developing larger photomasks with higher resolution, and initiated the ultra-sized photomask factory corresponding to the 10th and 11th generation.

Besides, SKE strives to develop new business, such as RFID and healthcare.

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Tainan Science Park, No. 45, Sec. 2, Huandong Rd., Shanhua Dist., Tainan City


+886-6-505-3228 (representative)

+886-6-505-3228 (representative)